Live cash game report

26 04 2012

Hey guys it’s been a little while since I got personal with my blogs.  I haven’t given a report how I am doing in quite some time. Part of the reason is because for a while after the World Poker Challenge in March I took some time off.  I went to spring break, which taught me a lot about myself.  It is weird that going out and partying every day and night is the times where I learn the most about myself and who I want to be.  Anyways I finally came back to playing last week at the Grand Sierra Resort.  

The last two weeks have been kind of crazy where a lot of big pots have been moving around.  The only games in town are 1-2 NL but this game at the GSR was not 1-2 it was at least 2-5 how it was playing.  A high roller from Las Vegas was in town which means that I would need to start playing more so I can build my bankroll for the summer.  The first night I played I won $1000.  No big deal I am feeling back in the game.  The next two nights I won about $150 each which brings that week total to nearly $1300.  

 This past week is where things got super interesting.  I had a guy who was even worse than the high roller.  Every single hand High Roller would raise to $10 and then the bad fish would raise to $25… Every single time! The fish even got it in with nearly $1000 pre flop where High Roller had AA and the way the board played out I’m guessing the best the guy had was JJ.  So anyways I was up $1000 again at one point in this night but when this had played I had $900 in front which was $650 up. 

 I limp in first position with 7♦ 5♦.  A guy in middle position raises to $12, one guy calls and so did the High Roller and The Fish.  I call getting great odds with my one gap suited connectors and we see the flop with $60 in the pot.  The flop is 3♣ 4♠ 6♠   I flopped the nuts!  I bet $35 then the original raiser raises to $80 and The Fish calls $80.  So now I have to raise.  I have $853 behind with $255 in the pot.  Now I know one of these two are on a spade draw and wouldn’t be surprised if the other has two pair or a set.  One option is to push all in.  This will likely get both players out and I win the pot right there.  But since I know that I am likely to be screwed if a spade or possibly even pairing the board, I want to get as much money as possible.  I also know that with this much money in the pot these players are not going to be messing around like trying to represent a flush and when it hits bluff at it.  So I make a raise to $235.  The pre flop raiser folds and The Fish flat calls.  So in my mind I’m saying no spade no spade no spade.  The turn comes the 9♥.  The Fish checks.  Now I have $600 behind with the pot at $610 I decide to bet $300 which is half my stack.  Now I do this so I do not have to commit on the river.  If he calls and a spade comes on the river and he ships me I am going to fold.  But instead he check raises me all in and I count on my hand to make sure I got the nuts still.  I call and he flips over 7♠ 8♠.  I am about a 68% favorite to win the biggest cash game pot in my life.  The river… K♠… Nooooooo.  I sit there in shock.  The only thing I can do is just think to myself, how come I can’t just get that big pot.  I want to have that big score and win that big game or in this case that big pot.  So instead of being up over $1600 I lose $170 for the night.  Then the next night, nearly the same exact hand came out.  I had 9♠8♠ vs. K♠Q♠ with the board 7♣ 10♠ J♥ 6♠ A♥ where most of the money got in on the turn.  I was not happy.  I got up and took a walk because that is two nights in a row that I got bad beat.  

The roller coaster in the last few weeks did end on a high note because I won $1100 last night and finally the poker gods gave me a break.  It felt awesome.  It was the first time in a long time that the deck was hitting me more that my elementary school bully.  So I ended up about $2000 for the last few weeks.  I need to keep this up because the next tournament is in two weeks at the GSR and I want to start getting my bankroll big for the WSOP.




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