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18 02 2013


February 15 was a big day for me it was my birthday.  The big 24.   It has been a rough year so far and I hope a birthday break is what I need to refresh my mind and body and reset my engines.  I got crushed in Choctaw, and now I just played Cesears and I am currently in an 0 for 18 streak in tournaments.  The cash games have been cruel to me as well.  I decided to skip the main event and my next series is back in my town of Reno Feb. 28-Mar. 10 for their World Poker Open.


So my birthday went well, I went to Circus Circus and played the Midway, which is one thing I happen to be good at.  I won a bunch of stuff animals and took my girlfriend to a nice dinner for V-Day.  I got some awesome presents, which included like 10 different tournament books.  That’s a lot of pages for a guy who does not like to read much.  But it is what I need to get back on track.  Here is the list of books I got: Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Volumes 1 & 2 by Jonathan Little, Winning Poker Tournaments One hand at a Time Volumes 1, 2, & 3 by Eric Lynch, John Van Fleet, and Jon Turner, The poker Tournament Formula Volume 1 & 2 by Arnold Snyder, and Math of Hold’Em by Collin Moshman & Douglas Zare.  Please let me know if these are the best books and which ones I should read first keeping in mind that I am a live tournament player and do not play online.


I think that reading and studying are crucial to learning and increasing your knowledge of poker.  I use to read a lot but haven’t read in a few years.  I think when I read I play better.  If you combine reading with discussing hands with valuable friends and watching videos you can increase your EV by quite a bit.  Now that I have all these pages I am setting a goal for myself.  10 pages a day!  That’s it.  The reason is just like working out you got to start somewhere.  I can read a book a month and increase EV per month.  Again let me know if I am reading the wrong books or which ones should be read first to read. Next time I will update you guys on my status in Reno.  Where I will get back on track and win some tournaments!




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