Let me introduce myself

Hi my name is Jesse Capps and I am a senior business management major at the University of Nevada Reno. After I graduate in May I will be moving back to Las Vegas where I will be endeavoring in playing professional poker. Since I was 13 I have been playing poker. Not only did my dad teach me how to play but he is also a professional player.

Growing up in Vegas gambling was always a part of my everyday life. I would bet on anything and everything with my friends. I would go to a country club locker room every week and play a cheap .10-.25 home game which was terribly regulated. As I grew up I started watching the World Series of Poker on ESPN. As I saw everyday Joes win it like Chris moneymaker or Greg Raymer I knew that even I would have a chance when I turned 21. But then I saw 21 year olds winning 9 million dollars like Peter Eastgate and Joe Cada. So everynight when I fell asleep I dreamt of playing and winning the world series.

I could not wait to be 21! While I waited I started playing online poker. I always played low limits and mainly just played as a hobby where every Sunday I would try and play 10,000 player tournaments. Having relatively low success I finally turned 21 and went straight to the casinos. Now I am 23 and I enjoy playing tournaments a whole lot more than cash games. I have had crazy results winning and losing $1000 at 2-5 no limit being some of my biggest swings. Tournament wise I have total winnings of about $16,000 which is not that good when I only went 3 for 16 in cashes at the WSOP.

Even more than playing poker, I like following poker and I follow the results of the big players. Some of my favorite players are Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Phil Galfond, and Ben Lamb. I am excited to play the 2012 World Series of poker this summer and I want to do well so I can travel the world and meet tons of new friends. Living the high roller lifestyle is my dream. I look forward to all my future poker endeavors and I will post all my big results!


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21 02 2012

this is a very interesting blog

16 02 2013

Pretty nice life, Wish I started learning poker at a younger age makes such a big difference I think.

17 04 2013
Sheila Ginsburg

Best of luck to you, Jesse!! Hope you remember me, I have also begun to play poker tournaments online, doing okay, not great, but they are not very big ones. And, after all, I didn’t have your dad to coach me, however, your mom tried!:)

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