The Highest of the Highs or the Lowest of the Lows. Why we play tournament poker?

12 03 2013


Why do we play poker?  There are many reasons, but no matter how bad we are running and how sad we get, for some reason we go play another tournament.  Why?  I have been running terrible this year with now 4 cashes in my last 27 tournaments but all the cashes have been min cashes.  Now I have heard many times from regular tournament grinders that losing is just variance.  But it doesn’t change that I am losing and that sucks.

There is so many times just this year that I wanted to quit for good.  My routine for each series that I have gone to goes something like this being out of a 10 day tournament series.  Day 1 I’m super excited to play a series, feeling like I’m going to win a tournament and get back on track.  Late day 1, I get bad beat.  “That’s ok, I will get the next one, and this is going to be a long series.”  Day 2-4 I miss play a few hands and maybe a few bad beats.  My mood starts to shift from optimistic to I’m the biggest fish here.  Last series in Reno I made a terrible call and out of emotion I announced to all my friends throughout the room, “Don’t let me sign up for anymore of these, I am the biggest fish in the game.”  I started to look for flights home and decided that I could suck it up or in the case in Reno I actually just flew home. 

So if I feel like I’m terrible and a losing player why do I play?  Maybe I am a degenerate or have tricked my mind into thinking I can start playing better.  But the reason we all play even when we are losing is because the highest of the highs triumphs the lowest of the lows.  There is no other feeling like winning a tournament.  You can lose 50 tournaments in a row and then win one and it validates everything.  I have lost a majority of my stack a few times and my heart just sinks.  I am sad because I am about to lose but if I win a few pots and get back to where I was before I lost a big pot then my happiness of winning just to make a comeback brings me much more joy than the sadness of losing or almost losing a tournament.

Going into this I knew that I would be signing up for an emotional rollercoaster.  I am an emotional person so my emotions will be all over the place, but once I get my first taste of a big win I know that all the tournaments and emotions were worth the effort.  Just got to get that first big one and I will be off to the moon!


Reading Time

18 02 2013


February 15 was a big day for me it was my birthday.  The big 24.   It has been a rough year so far and I hope a birthday break is what I need to refresh my mind and body and reset my engines.  I got crushed in Choctaw, and now I just played Cesears and I am currently in an 0 for 18 streak in tournaments.  The cash games have been cruel to me as well.  I decided to skip the main event and my next series is back in my town of Reno Feb. 28-Mar. 10 for their World Poker Open.


So my birthday went well, I went to Circus Circus and played the Midway, which is one thing I happen to be good at.  I won a bunch of stuff animals and took my girlfriend to a nice dinner for V-Day.  I got some awesome presents, which included like 10 different tournament books.  That’s a lot of pages for a guy who does not like to read much.  But it is what I need to get back on track.  Here is the list of books I got: Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Volumes 1 & 2 by Jonathan Little, Winning Poker Tournaments One hand at a Time Volumes 1, 2, & 3 by Eric Lynch, John Van Fleet, and Jon Turner, The poker Tournament Formula Volume 1 & 2 by Arnold Snyder, and Math of Hold’Em by Collin Moshman & Douglas Zare.  Please let me know if these are the best books and which ones I should read first keeping in mind that I am a live tournament player and do not play online.


I think that reading and studying are crucial to learning and increasing your knowledge of poker.  I use to read a lot but haven’t read in a few years.  I think when I read I play better.  If you combine reading with discussing hands with valuable friends and watching videos you can increase your EV by quite a bit.  Now that I have all these pages I am setting a goal for myself.  10 pages a day!  That’s it.  The reason is just like working out you got to start somewhere.  I can read a book a month and increase EV per month.  Again let me know if I am reading the wrong books or which ones should be read first to read. Next time I will update you guys on my status in Reno.  Where I will get back on track and win some tournaments!

Welcome Back Capps

1 02 2013

Well it looks like I am still alive and kicking which means that I am back to return to the blogging scene.  So it has been nearly a year since my last post, which means I have a lot to catch up on.

First I graduated from college and have moved back to Las Vegas.  I currently live with my girlfriend in a kick ass apartment and we have a Maltese six year old.

me and superstar during Christmas

me and superstar during Christmas

Now as of poker I would like to say that I am a six figure-annire but unfortunately not.  I did however hit a score in Reno in September as well as a chop at the Rio daily 2pm $235 this summer.  I also finished 27th in the Caesar’s main event out of 1600.  All of my results can be seen here.

So poker has been going pretty well for me except my last trip that I took to Durant, Oklahoma, which left me 0 for 12 in tournaments and an understanding what life on the road is like.

I am back and will be blogging weekly in an effort to connect with more people and get into the poker world.  Right now my ultimate goal is to work for PokerNews this summer reporting on the WSOP and working a way to be a reporter.  Poker is a big part of me and whether I am playing, reporting, dealing, or commentating, I want to be involved with this game and the people that comprise of the world that it lives in.

I look forward to writing more posts and meeting many more friends and reporting on the journeys I come across. Watch out poker world here I come for all the marbles!!!

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Live cash game report

26 04 2012

Hey guys it’s been a little while since I got personal with my blogs.  I haven’t given a report how I am doing in quite some time. Part of the reason is because for a while after the World Poker Challenge in March I took some time off.  I went to spring break, which taught me a lot about myself.  It is weird that going out and partying every day and night is the times where I learn the most about myself and who I want to be.  Anyways I finally came back to playing last week at the Grand Sierra Resort.  

The last two weeks have been kind of crazy where a lot of big pots have been moving around.  The only games in town are 1-2 NL but this game at the GSR was not 1-2 it was at least 2-5 how it was playing.  A high roller from Las Vegas was in town which means that I would need to start playing more so I can build my bankroll for the summer.  The first night I played I won $1000.  No big deal I am feeling back in the game.  The next two nights I won about $150 each which brings that week total to nearly $1300.  

 This past week is where things got super interesting.  I had a guy who was even worse than the high roller.  Every single hand High Roller would raise to $10 and then the bad fish would raise to $25… Every single time! The fish even got it in with nearly $1000 pre flop where High Roller had AA and the way the board played out I’m guessing the best the guy had was JJ.  So anyways I was up $1000 again at one point in this night but when this had played I had $900 in front which was $650 up. 

 I limp in first position with 7♦ 5♦.  A guy in middle position raises to $12, one guy calls and so did the High Roller and The Fish.  I call getting great odds with my one gap suited connectors and we see the flop with $60 in the pot.  The flop is 3♣ 4♠ 6♠   I flopped the nuts!  I bet $35 then the original raiser raises to $80 and The Fish calls $80.  So now I have to raise.  I have $853 behind with $255 in the pot.  Now I know one of these two are on a spade draw and wouldn’t be surprised if the other has two pair or a set.  One option is to push all in.  This will likely get both players out and I win the pot right there.  But since I know that I am likely to be screwed if a spade or possibly even pairing the board, I want to get as much money as possible.  I also know that with this much money in the pot these players are not going to be messing around like trying to represent a flush and when it hits bluff at it.  So I make a raise to $235.  The pre flop raiser folds and The Fish flat calls.  So in my mind I’m saying no spade no spade no spade.  The turn comes the 9♥.  The Fish checks.  Now I have $600 behind with the pot at $610 I decide to bet $300 which is half my stack.  Now I do this so I do not have to commit on the river.  If he calls and a spade comes on the river and he ships me I am going to fold.  But instead he check raises me all in and I count on my hand to make sure I got the nuts still.  I call and he flips over 7♠ 8♠.  I am about a 68% favorite to win the biggest cash game pot in my life.  The river… K♠… Nooooooo.  I sit there in shock.  The only thing I can do is just think to myself, how come I can’t just get that big pot.  I want to have that big score and win that big game or in this case that big pot.  So instead of being up over $1600 I lose $170 for the night.  Then the next night, nearly the same exact hand came out.  I had 9♠8♠ vs. K♠Q♠ with the board 7♣ 10♠ J♥ 6♠ A♥ where most of the money got in on the turn.  I was not happy.  I got up and took a walk because that is two nights in a row that I got bad beat.  

The roller coaster in the last few weeks did end on a high note because I won $1100 last night and finally the poker gods gave me a break.  It felt awesome.  It was the first time in a long time that the deck was hitting me more that my elementary school bully.  So I ended up about $2000 for the last few weeks.  I need to keep this up because the next tournament is in two weeks at the GSR and I want to start getting my bankroll big for the WSOP.